Who Can Stay Naked The Longest (3 of 3)

FREAKING AWESOME CFNM nude art class modeling about halfway into this!:

Awesome Guy And Girl Change Short Under Water

naked guy jumps through burning hoop

A BRAVE dude -

Naked protest against Benetton in Moscow

Co-ed painted public nudity -

Naked protest, London, July 1999

Shortened footage of 'naked protest' guy below -

naked protest part 2

Part two of public nudity protest documentary below -

naked protest part 1

LONG documentary-style video... CFNM/exhibitionism starts around 10 minutes in -

Day 20 - Running around naked with my friends

Co-ed nudity -

Gigi naked and drunk!

Girl in background laughing -

When it all goes wrong, and you're left in your thong

Looks like a movie trailer -

More Hot CFNM Stripshow Footage


Streaking Melrose Ave.

Pretty long streaking vid-

Great CFNM Stripper Footage

Here's yet another AWESOME find by DKool... his fanaticism for this stuff exceeds me even!:


Jessica Alba CFNM

Yeah, it's older, but a classic -

FAST Japanese Strip

CFNM In Purex Commercial

Male Stripper On The O.C.

All scripted & acted, but hey, her reactions towards the end are quite intriguing -


Sex oral pt. 8 - Blow-job for higher grade

Very interesting news story about a teacher who stripped down in front of a female student in exchange for a blowjob... in Portuguese I think -

Blowjob In Car Clip

TOTALLY not what you'd expect:

A Few Stripper Vids

Conan-Outfit Male Stripper
Male Strippshow From 'The Cave'
Another Male Stripper Stage Show
Stripper Night
Guy Streaks In A Thong In BurgerKing
Male Stripper Floorshow
I've gotten quite a few emails from visitors to the blog wondering if and how you can download and save the videos shown on You Tube. Well, I actually have an answer (thanks to another loyal CFNM fan who took the time to figure it out). Basically all you have to do is follow the steps given at THIS LINK RIGHT HERE. Unfortunately, it seems that it can only be done for those who use Mozilla Firefox and not for users of Internet Explorer for their web browser. To download and install Firefox for free (which I highly highly recommend as it's just completely better than IE) JUST CLICK HERE.

If you want to see CFNM male-stripshow videos that are WAY more explicit than the ones above, be sure to check out the following sites' free previews and newest updates. You'll be blown away by how far drunk girls will go with a male stripper!:
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