drunk naked guy leeds festival 07 part 2

Another guy drunk and naked in front of a crowd -

Naked Guy!!!

This gets scary, but hey... the guy's naked (& crazy) while the female officers look on -

Funny Naked Guy at TGV

OK, this is only semi-CFNM towards the end, but damn, it's funny! -

Naked guy @ Graspop 2007

That dude is gnarly -

Japanese CFNM Peek

Japanese girls peek under towel at naked guy -

Kitchendale Group 5 Showering

Hora H - Nudistas (parte 1 and 2)

Thanks to LeLeJinx, I've got these to share:


Pantsing Jimmy

And another submitted clip - this one's great!:

Stripping jared

Another submitted vid -

Us stripping a stranger!!

This is just one of three videos submitted by a blog reader - thanks much!


Boys being judged like cattle!

There's better ones below, but some good reactions here -

Boxer Contest Puerto Vallarta Jalisco SeƱor Frogs

wet boxer contest!

Wet Boxers Competition

American Pie CFNM

Had to post this CFNM clip from American Pie: The Naked Mile that I found via the Sensations 4 Women forum (thanks JONJON!)-