matt nude run #2

First nude run is below this one...

Matt's Nude Run

Naked Streak CFNM

UCSC Naked Run

Every year at the first rain of the year thousands of students at UCSC porter college run around the entire campus naked.

More Public Japanese Nakedness Ritual Footage

Documentary video... long but interesting, especially the interviews w/women watching the preliminary festivities...

Naked Man Festival

This isn't a particularly EXCITING clip from the festival, but it gives you an idea of what goes on in the cold, night-time hours of Japan.I was lucky enough to go to one of the Hadaka (naked) Matsuri (festival) in Japan about two years ago. I believe it was February 18th at around 11pm in Okayama. Okayama is between Hiroshima and Osaka. Very cold! The festival began with the guys getting tipsy and then wrapping up in loin they aren't COMPLETELY naked. They then run out into the street and get sprayed with cold water! This clip shows them under the temple roof as they prepare to fight for the shingi -- some kind of blessed rod that's been greased up. The winner is supposed to have great luck that year. They were all drunk and rowdy, and the announcer is trying to calm the group down before things begin. I'm too short to see above a crowd's head, so my friend Hari (the voice you hear) shot the clip for me. Thanks, Hari!

Another Boner Reaction Vid

Starship Troopers Mixed Nudity Shower Scene

Starship Troopers Shower Scene - video powered by Metacafe

Cream Licking Jumpin Jacks

Jumpin Jaks - Naked Tuesday, Getting Naked

Clear mixed nudity strip on stage here -

jumpin jacks on naked tuesday

Jumpin Jacks again, but mixed nudity that's unfortunately blurry -

Jumpin Jacks naked Tuesdays Glyn from Big Brother 31/01/07

another non CFNM one...

Jumpin Jacks Tuesday Nights

Non-CFNM footage of the stripping game played at 'Jumpin Jacks' bar in the UK (THERE'S MIXED NUDITY CLIPS PREVIOUSLY POSTED HERE AS WELL) -

Horny Strippers in the US

An interesting documentary-style CFNM vid on male strippers -

Head To Toe Assessment CFNM

The very last, only CFNM portion, of Head To Toe Assessment series on YouTube -

Guy W/A Boner Gets ALOT Of Attention

Japanese TV Streaking