Peter's Birthday @ The Cock Tavern - Smithfield Markets

This is pretty damn surprising to see still around on YouTube - a female stripper at a bachelor party strips, oils down, and spanks the birthday boy! She even gets topless herself, they sing happy birthday, and he gets fully depantsed by a friend! An awesome CFNM video all-around for sure.

Girls Stripping and Whipping Up On Guys

All three of these are fantastic natural CFNM occurrences where multiple girls try (and succeed) to strip the guys naked!

Strip Tease au RU de Pau

CFNM From Tiempo Final

These all come from the Argentinian soap opera Tiempo Final - a Cinemax-esque version of what we get here!

Un gars une fille A poil Naked

A pretty funny small dick humiliation CFNM short here -