Cfnm Broadcast During The Super Bowl!

Although you probably heard about this story already, it's one thing to hear about, but an entirely different thing when you actually get to see it! I first imagined this as a similar situation that happened in my city a handful of years ago. My girlfriend and I at the time were flipping through channels and happened to catch an all out porn movie. It wasn't just any regular run of the mill porn flick either, it was a close up shot of a guy pounding into a girl doggy style while slapping her booty - about the most graphic thing that you'd imagine, really. It was shocking, hilarious, and it was on for a good half hour on top of it! Hardly anyone caught it actually and it was briefly mentioned in local news, but nothing really came of it.

So when I heard that Arizona's Comcast cable had inadvertently piped in about 30 seconds of porn after a Arizona Cardinals touchdown during the Super Bowl, I figured it deserved an Internet search. Wow, what an age we live in! Turns out that this story caught on like wildfire online, and EVERYBODY is talking about it. Makes sense, right? Well get this - what was shown turns out to have actually been a Cfnm scene! I find out that there actually is a website that a guy from Arizona started immediately after it happened called He writes about the experience there and even put up a clip of the aforementioned Cfnm scene that everybody is freaking out about. And since You Tube and probably every other tube site will yank it, I'm going to make sure it sticks around and you can see it here! Let me know what you think!

Here's the video available through another host, in case of stupidity on Blogger's part:

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