World Naked Bike Ride 2009 - Various Ones

Well, it's Spring again and guess what that means? World Naked Bike Ride 2009 has occurred! I'm unfortunately not located in a major city where they have naked bike rides organized, or else I'd have my own video footage to put up. I guess you'll have to just do with some of the better ones that I've found and will share below. This is a great event, for tons of reasons, one obvious one being that there's plenty of CFNM that occurs and is captured for us to watch. Enjoy these, but know that the nudity usually is reserved for the middle to towards the end of most of these.

Dr. Adonis

Screaming women after some stripper flesh... always a welcoming sound.

Tawn's Strip Tease

Great humorous reactions here...

Sweden got talent - Naked guys dancing!

USA TV just plain sucks, and our culture is seriously way too uptight.

How to Prepare for a Testicular Cancer Exam

Who knew an exam could end up being sexy? Throw this pretty British physician in the room and put it in a CFNM context.


Girls Share Stripper Night Experiences

Two pretty cool videos of women talking about how strippers get them worked up!

Two Coverboys Troupe Performances

Juice BoXXX

The ladies freaking love this girl! Yes, it's off-topic, as this is lesbian stripshow footage, but still way fun to watch.