Good Bay To Breakers 2009 Clip

So I'm pretty late with looking for Bay to Breakers 2009 videos on You Tube, as all the good ones appear to have been taken down. After only 3 days!! However, this one is pretty good... a mixture of female and male public exhibitionism. The CFNM stuff is more towards the middle-ish of the clip, which is pretty long, but the female footage is definitely worth watching too!


If you can put up with the scrolling advertisements in this clip (I know I have patience enough to do it), this montage of the Beatboys' greatest tour performances is very good. The best CFNM moments are interspersed, but some good stuff starts happening around the three minute mark. Nothing like what happens in the clip below this one, but hey, they can't all be epic like that!

strip tease for nannys 60th

I just cannot believe that these young guys would have the balls to do this to a 60 year old woman! Honestly though, this probably made her entire decade! I should add my own opinion here that this clip is definitely a CFNM classic, as it embraces every aspect of what we really all enjoy about it. The guys are having a good time, and the women are enjoying themselves probably twice as much. Just look at her reaction when the guys offer to let her have a grab or two at what they've got!

Lucas - 2 and a Half CFNM Show Clips

South American stripshows featuring Lucas.