Little Beach 02-22-2009

I stumbled on some more videos of mixed nudity and public nude beach footage taken at Little Beach in Maui. The drumming gets a bit tedious, but it's pretty cool that there's incredible openness and acceptance in this place. Great opportunities for casual CFNM and mixed nudity situations to occur.

Ledce Jejich LEDECKÁ LÁVKA 2008

Wow, some awesome mixed nudity from some country... seriously if anyone can figure this mystery out, I would appreciate it. But man, you've got to love amateur footage like this, even though it might not be CFNM in nature.


Clube das Mulheres - Awesome CFNM

I knew I'd find a great one from this troupe eventually! Enjoy!

A Few Hot, Short-n-Sweet Ones

EVERYTHING is better in Brazil, I'm fairly sure. That is, if you include the male strip clubs that this footage comes from. Seriously great stuff going on!