World Naked Bike Ride 2009 - Various Sites

Even though I'm sort of spoiling things to come on my main blog All Things Cfnm by posting some of this footage, I'm sure that you won't mind. Especially when there's going to be about 5 times this many available there tomorrow!

More From Dito e Feito

Found some more cellphone footage taken by females from the audience at the Brazilian bar Clube Mulheres:

Nudists At Little Beach

Three more videos from the great Hawaii nudist spot called Little Beach in Maui:

Naked Hiking at Deep Creek

The team from visits Deep Creek Hot Springs in Southern California for a great day trip. You can soak in the hot springs, relax in a beautiful setting and hike naked through the high desert.

Slady - Miss morke tricko 2007 (spring edition)

These are definitely off topic, but fun, wet t-shirt competition / mixed strippingfootage. However there's some interesting fake handjob on a dildo activity that happens too in some of these. Amateur public nudity is my thing these days I guess! Tis the season!