Shari's Stripper

Although this is really dark and he spends quite a bit of time blowing fire, this guy gets felt up while fully naked by the girl he's got up on stage!

Jeff's stripper

The groom to be gets treated to a really long fully nude lap dance from a curvy blonde stripper... off topic but pretty rare for YouTube!

Checking out cock for the first time

Funny movie scene where some girls are talking about cock and look at a few in a magazine:

Euskalsex show

Blurry, but pretty good full contact stage show!

Nessboys Midget Stripper Gets Naked

Yeah, you read right!

Lives of Moscow male-strippers: the naked truth

This is a Russian news piece on the lives of male strippers that was being made into a fictional movie. It's more of a behind-the-scenes sort of thing, but there's some good Cfnm moments too.

Pure Fantasy Strip Club

it's really too bad that this place isn't around anymore, because it seems like they had some great performances go on! Skip to the 1:30 mark for the good stuff of the clip: