S.E.D.A 2007 - Take Three

From the same event, but a different stage show altogether! Some awesome footage from a total role reversal situation. This woman knows how to handle a guy, that's for sure!

S.E.D.A 2007 - Take Two

another really good one from the S.E.D.A. festival... I'm definitely researching this after I get done doing some other posting today! Especially since these videos were from two years ago, one would think there's got to be much more to see, right?

S.E.D.A 2007

Damn, to be that guy must just be awesome on nights like this:

Louis Gijzen Striptease

Although it's a cell phone quality video, it's pretty amazing how long it's withstood being on YouTube! There's not many bachelor party videos where not only does the female stripper show skin, but gets the bachelor stripped down too. All with clothed female onlookers to boot!

Entre pocs i massa

Mixed nudity and over the top Italian comedy collide in this truncated version of a theater production...

Bernarda Alba CFNM Theater Performance

Here's an interesting video collage of various male nude scenes of a unknown theater production. Aside from that, it's got an awesome soundtrack that somebody put to it! I'm a sucker for rare jazz/funk fusion stuff like this.

Espectaculos Daex Striptease Boys - 4 Videos

Where's Kathy?

Not really on topic, but definitely funny-hot.