4 Male Strip Club Short Clips

These are by the troupe called "Marcus Boys", hopefully they'll release longer videos and not get them removed so quickly.

Naughty Mrs. Claus Giving Him A Birthday Dance

It's sort of off topic and out of season since it's two months past Christmas, but hey, there's some fun stuff going on here!:

Cfnm Scene From "Turtles Can Fly"

"I'm A Stripper"

An obviously staged, but still legitimate Cfnm stripper home party video:

South American Club Stripping


Three Cfnm Examination Videos

Four Fantastic Cfnm Videos Featuring Pricasso

This is about as good of a job someone whom is into Cfnm could ever invent for themselves - not only painting while nude, but using your gentalia to do the painting. Yeah, smart career move, "Pricasso"!

Cfnm In Superbowl Commercial

I know it might be a bit cliche to post a Superbowl Commercial, but shit, this one has some legitimately good Cfnm moments in it. Also, it's damn funny.

"Mega Bang" Cfnm commercial clip