Another girl gets the male stripper flag treatment... except this one is a Smiley Face. How precious.

Home entertainment for the birthday girl

This video gets dark at the exact worst time, unfortunately. But hey, it's still pretty damn rare and incredibly good for YouTube's standards for sure!

Stripper for Scil... la... la

This one's great on all kinds of levels...

Demelza 21 jaar!!!

She grabs the goods underneath the blanket with (I think?) her dad watching from way back in the left hand corner. Crazy stuff.

Maidstone Stripper

Tame compared to some down below (hehehe), but this dude is one lucky bastard to be with all those incredibly cute girls.

Bistro Amigo Men-Strip vom 3. Oktober 2009 mit Rodrigo

Dark lighting, but totally worth the view for any Cfnm fan.

STRIPPERS. at everywomans expo

Doesn't get much better than this on YouTube! Stick to it for the last few minutes.

50th Birthday Male stripper part 3

Another fun grandma...

Grandmas Wild Male Stripper

Whoa, fun grandma here!

Verjaardag Ronnie met Stripper #2

Fun humiliation by the stripper here...

This is common assault!

STRIPPER! fieston Lauriss

Off-topic, but sooooo what?



streeptes sasha disco las vegas blanes

Blurry but AWESOME

Horsey Gets a Surprise...

Poor guy gets his clothes stripped from him and walloped on the ass with a belt by his own female birthday stripper - all in front of his friends!

Life Drawing for a Hens Night from SexyButterfly

Great natural CFNM occurring in a fun and non-threatening environment.

Construction stripper for the ladies


GREAT dialogue about the stripper's cock from the cameragirl in this one!

Quite easily the ugliest stripper ever

This is completely off topic to Cfnm, as it's the exact opposite scenario, but it was too hilarious not to share. This is pretty much the "so bad it's funny" type of thing.

18th Birthday Stripper

What a great 18th birthday present: getting stripped by a fire eating hot female stripper!

Caties Hen Party 25th April 2008