Vicky's Hen Do - the stripper!

Kimmy's Hens Night

Another one that is so dark it's frustrating through a good portion of it. Obviously they kept the lights low for a reason. However, it's pretty great at the end.

Strip for Jeannet

Sorta frustrating with how dark it is... but, wait for the camera flashes. :-)

Stripper Flex voor Manja d'r 30ste verjaardag!


Oh Em Gee

strip-tease motero

Off topic, but sheesh... very nice.

stripper @ lindsey der b-day


Great at the very end!

katie Salter & Stripper

RABS 18th

This guy ends up way more exposed and embarrassed then the female stripper does, all on his 18th birthday. How memorable.


Bronagh and the stripper x

What is Nudism?


To be honest, the Cfnm really doesn't start until the second part - just have both here for continuity's sake.

The MIGHTY TANK - Most Popular Entertainer in America! AMW show!


America's Most Wanted Rehab Tour Toronto

SHANGO mr BIG! part 2, show, behind the scenes

America's Most Wanted Rehab Tour Toronto-Tank

Four Various Male Stripshow Video Captures

Thanks to Klanc for these GREAT finds! Be sure to check out his fantastic stripper and party picture collection right here. And leave comments for the guy, dammit!


Doble cumpleaƱos. Stripper ismael

There's quite a long dance routine before the good stuff starts, but it's worth it.

British Hen Night In Two Parts

despedida grupo body hot 2

It's really too bad these ladies don't get into the performance much... but a couple do.

Russian Honey Goes Down Behind The Flag On The Stripper

If only they could've gotten closer with the camera!

Tuning Styling Party - Strip

A chunky guy gets up on stage to be stripped and spanked by a pretty hot female stripper.

Rack Reyd - Strip show

You know what's really weird? YouTube removed the second clip from this particular event that somebody uploaded that had male nudity. Kind of a double standard that the obvious female nudity in this one is still allowed, right? Anyway, I REALLY would've liked to have been there for all this!