birthday bash with a stripper :-p

Sometimes these slideshows are way better than the actual live video of the event... and this is one of those! Awesome Cfnm moments in this one.

Stripper 21st Birthday

It's a damn shame this one cuts off after 10 minutes, because it looks to probably get as good as the party clip below this one. Still pretty good interactions for Cfnm fans.

MandeStrip Til Emilie`s Fødseldags Fest på Glob

Two girls go "behind the towel" and get grabby with the male performer in this particular Cfnm stripper performance. Another particularly good party clip.

Kim's Ladiesnight / B-day Bash

Some fairly hot interaction here, especially with the banana sucking towards the end.

Vera's 70th birthday !! Stripper surprise!!

stripper at terry's party

This guy actually tries getting it up for his female stripper, which I'd never seen before!

christina keane gets a stripper for her birthday

This is a particularly good one...

amy's 21st (:

Joanne Gordon 30th Birthday Surprise Party in Dags

Viernes de Stripper Discoteca Latin Brother Madrid España

Pretty good slideshow of stripper performances and the women that enjoyed them!



Make sure to turn your speakers down for this particular stripper show.

Jeannie's Birthday Party 2009

This one is a must see!

Air New Zealand staff have nothing to hide

Sure, they are body painted, but still! The second video is a "behind the scenes" collaboration of footage.

ATP. Registro de obra escénica. Tercera parte

This goes slightly off topic, but WOW! Thanks to roberto21 from Sensations For Women Forum for finding and sharing this.

ATP. Registro de obra escénica. Tercera parte from tamara Cubas on Vimeo.