Russian Bus Streaking Dare Fulfilled

Bachelors Getting Their Punishment From The Stripper

Here's some examples of why it might not be all sugar and spice when your friends get you a stripper for the bachelor party. That is, unless you're a Cfnm aficionado.

Humorous Russian Cfnm Commercial

Ade's unicycle striptease

This is truly skillful, fun, and obviously about as good of an example of public Cfnm you'll ever see.

Ade's unicycle striptease from Alan Fred Pipes on Vimeo.

Poetry Tease - Average

More Cfnm performance art, but in comedy and in poetry. Interesting to see this being done by anyone.

Backstage with naked model on Dolce&Gabbana underwear shoot

How do these guys not get hard?? I guess maybe modeling is not as easy as I always thought it would be. You just know that those women working on shoots like these really love their "assignments" when they come in too!

Greek Gods - Seaberg Acrobatic Poetry

Here's 12 + minutes of Cfnm theater production for your interpretation and perhaps some enjoyment. It's definitely something that you won't forget right away!

The Naked Guy in East London

I know that I've seen another camera angle to this guy's antics over on YouTube, but of course it got yanked... they are so stupid about stuff like that. The guy is just out for a laugh and obviously nobody around seemed offended by what was going on. The female reactions are great, by the way!

Naked Guy Runs Across America

However edited and produced, there's still great Cfnm interactions and fun female reactions throughout this entire video.

Short CFNM / NFNM Clip From WNBR 2009

World Naked Bike Ride Footage

This has some of the longest and best footage of this incredible event that I've come across in quite awhile.